What is happening with GB milk deliveries?

Published 11 July 16

GB milk deliveries seem to have fallen off a cliff, according to AHDB Dairy daily deliveries data, with average production for the 2 weeks ending 2 July down 10% on last year.

It would appear the trend in production is a combination of poor grass quality and the lack of supplement feeding. The weather has been rather erratic which has allowed for good grass growth, albeit with a bit of a late start to the season. However, it has been suggested that quality in a number of areas across GB has not been great. As well as this, in order to cut costs, farmers have been cutting or stopping supplement feeding.

On a positive side, the drop in production could improve the balance between supply and demand sooner than expected and provide support to prices. However, any significant change to feeding has the potential to lead to fertility issues which could impact production for the remainder of this and most of next year.

GB production 11.07.16