Calf to calving - on farm meetings

Published 26 July 16

The latest in a series of on-farm meetings supporting our Calf to Calving Initiative is taking place across the country.

Working with a number of host farms, we’re looking at a wide range of topics associated with rearing heifers. To bring the information to life, 10 calves on each farm will be followed from birth into lactation with data gathered throughout. This round of meetings is covering:

1.Balancing nutrition through Autumn and Winter – including outwintering, extending the grazing period and ensuring heifer diet maintains growth rates.

2.Evaluating your rearing – What are the strengths and weaknesses of your heifer rearing system and what should you measure to ensure it’s working?

Pictured is Dr Stephen Whelan, AHDB’s Lead Dairy Scientist on Nutrition explain about using beet as a forage crop over winter.

Calf to Calving has been developed to outline best practice from the minute a calf is born through to the point she should calve into the herd 24 months later. You can find out more about Calf to Calving here