Thisisdairyfarming facebook page hits 8000 followers!

Published 2 August 16

Last week saw us hit the 8,000 mark on our consumer facing Facebook page Thisisdairyfarming.  Between Twitter and Facebook we now have over 17,000 followers, but we want more and here’s just a few examples as to what you can ask your local community to do…

  • Trust The Tractor – Look out for a quality logo on packaging, on milk and all your dairy products. The flag in the Red Tractor logo, for example the Union Jack, indicates the origin of the produce.

Find out more

  • Speak to your retailer and ask - How their sourcing policy supports farming in Britain across all dairy products
  • Take the #DairyPromise by pledging to look for a quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on all your dairy products
  • Follow us on Twitter @Thisisdairy and Facebook to help share our messages with family and friends
  • Sign up to receive our regular Moosflash  and share it with family and friends
  • Grabbing your lunch from your local supermarket – don’t forget milk with your sandwiches for a great nutritional snack #MilkAndSarnies

Also don’t forget that you can Link to from your websites, twitter and facebook feeds and we’re happy to provide you with a paragraph and image to accompany the link if needed. Just contact