Shoppers want value and convenience – is the industry delivering?

Published 22 July 15

More than half of consumers (58%) feel food from UK farms is better quality than imports, according to a report by Barclays. However, value and convenience, not country of origin, still came out top in the study when consumers were asked to think about their shopping choices.

Recent research by TetraPak also found consumers are seeking convenient products to fit with busy lifestyles.

This begs the question, is the UK dairy industry delivering what consumers want?

It’s a difficult question to answer but catering effectively for changing consumer needs should help in getting as much value as possible from milk and therefore delivering the best margin.

At farm level, this means producing the ideal specification of milk for the markets it will be used for. This should be reflected in the milk buyer’s contract and strategy – AHDB Dairy’s new guidance on getting the most from contracts and buyers can be found here.

For processors, the TetraPak research mentioned above found significant potential in developing convenience milk products to help add value into the market.