RABDF seeks to divert levy

Published 8 July 15

Gwyn Jones2In a response to the call of RABDF for AHDB Dairy levy to be diverted to product protection and consumer education, Gwyn Jones, Chairman of AHDB Dairy, said: “AHDB Dairy has frequent contact and maintains an ongoing dialogue with both Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK and Sandy Wilkie, Chairman of the Dairy Council.

“All agree that having a collaborative approach to projects, a positive image of dairy and dairy farming, and investment in programmes and research - which promotes the health benefits of dairy in the diet, are in everyone’s best interests.

“We work closely together and have two existing agreements. One involves AHDB Dairy funding a three year, £585k (195k pa) project concerning dairy in human nutrition. The aim is to translate the latest science into useful information on the health benefits of milk and dairy products, and for this to be communicated to dieticians, nutritionists and other health professionals."

Gwyn Jones continued, “In addition, AHDB Dairy has committed a further £200k in funding, over two years, to a collaborative project with the Dairy Council to evaluate the environmental, nutritional and value for money benefits of including dairy in the GB diet.”