EU milk production sees continued growth after quota

Published 1 July 15

EU milk production increased in the first month without quota and early reports suggest growth is likely to have continued into May and June. April production figures for key dairying member states show a rise of 1.4% compared to last year.

May figures available for the Netherlands and Poland show further year-on-year production increases (up 6.6% and 3.0% respectively), as does the UK’s provisional data (up 2.2%). In Germany, weekly production overtook last year’s levels in mid-May. Ireland’s May production was up 10.0% and further growth is expected, with the Irish Farmers Journal reporting an 18% rise in largest processor Glanbia’s June collections, year-on-year to 27 June.

If strong production continues to outweigh sluggish demand then downward pressure on prices will remain, at both wholesale and farmgate level.

EU member states' milk production (million litres)
  Apr-14 Apr-15 Difference % change
Germany  2,624 2,588 -36 -1.4%
France 2,220 2,198 -22 -1.0%
UK 1,279 1,299 20 1.5%
Netherlands 1,050 1,068 18 1.7%
Poland 851 887 35 4.2%
Ireland 678 781 104 15.3%
Total 8,702 8,821 120 1.4%

Source: Eurostat, CSO