Does controlled traffic farming have a place in a silage operation?

Published 30 July 15

AHDB Dairy has recently investigated the importance of good soil structure to grassland productivity. Last Friday (24 July 2015) Dr Debbie McConnell, AHDB Dairy R&D Manager, visited the AHDB Dairy and BGS joint demonstration farm in Yorkshire, to film the next phase in the research project. 

Debbie McConnellDebbie says: “Over the years tramlines have been used in arable farming to maintain good soil structure and minimise any potential crop losses associated with compaction from machinery. In grassland however, most field operations do not follow a set traffic pattern.” 

Researchers at SRUC have shown that in areas of soil, compacted by machinery, silage yields can be decreased by more than 20%. The AHDB Dairy research is intended to identify the financial and real farming benefits to a commercial farm. 

The research continues and the findings from the project will be published on the website. To receive notifications of our latest videos including the controlled traffic video, which will be available in due course, subscribe to the AHDB Dairy YouTube channel.

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