De-wormer survey

Published 31 July 15

COWSAs part of a UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate funded project, the cross industry group COWS, of which AHDB Dairy is a partner, is looking for your opinion on purchasing de-wormers (anthelmintics). 

As a farmer, you may be aware that de-wormers are used to control worm infections, but reports of resistance are increasing. Promoting their sustainable use is required to reduce the spread of resistance and maintain efficacy of the currently licensed drugs. 

The survey covers a range of topics, from your purchase experience, to the advice you receive when buying the de-wormers and your thoughts on best practice use. 

The survey is open until the end of August and takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The results will be published in 2016 and all responses will remain anonymous and confidential.