Irish MCVE suffers from falling cheddar prices

Published 15 January 19

The MCVE for Ireland fell away from the pack in December as European cheddar prices came under downward pressure. The drop in EU cheddar prices would have taken 1.2ppl off the Irish MCVE this month, although this was offset somewhat by exchange rate moves. Overall Ireland’s MCVE has reduced by 0.7ppl.

In contrast, UK cheddar prices actually remained relatively stable in December, and as a result the UK MCVE was also much unchanged. That means the Irish MCVE is now sitting 1.8ppl below the UK’s.

EU MCVE Jan19 

MCVE for the non-cheddar producing countries all rose this month. Exchange rates helped support prices in pence per litre terms, while returns for gouda and emmental continued to deliver significant premiums for Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and France.

The latest EU MCVE prices for the six main milk producing countries of the EU are now available on the AHDB website here.