Milk production on the rise

Published 10 January 17

According to provisional figures from Defra, UK milk production was 1,079m litres in November, 7% below November last year. The AHDB daily deliveries survey provisionally estimates December milk production to be around 1,150ml, just 5% down on last year. This would also put production back in line with 2014/15.

The reduction in the shortfall compared with last year is entirely due to milk production rising throughout December 2016. Some may take this as a sign of farmers reacting to rising milk prices, but it is a little early to reach that conclusion. Milk production does tend to rise between November and December. Over the last 5 years (2011-2015), the average increase has been 2% (excluding the impact of the extra day). However, 2014 and 2015 were both unusual, in that milk production remained relatively stable between the two months. As a result, the more normal seasonal increase seen in 2016 has simply closed the gap on last year, but the rise in itself is not unusual.

 Milk production Nov v Dec

The AHDB daily deliveries webpage is being revamped from 13 Jan 2017 to include an estimate for the latest month based on the AHDB daily deliveries survey.


Figures are collated by AHDB Dairy from many of the larger UK dairy companies and are then scaled to reflect 100% of deliveries using the latest Defra UK production figures. Figures are collected on a weekly basis from dairies and may include some estimates which are subject to retrospective changes.