BBC Food and Farming Awards 2016

Published 13 January 16

Guernseys 034New category announced in the BBC Food & Farming Awards recognising groundbreaking work by the UK’s biggest food manufacturers, retailers and farmers.

The BBC Future Food Award will go to a business using cutting-edge thinking and pioneering work that could influence how the UK's food will be grown, processed and sold in future.

Many challenges lie ahead in sustaining the production and distribution of our food and drink, from questions of energy and water supplies to issues linked to public health and animal welfare. Much good work has already been put in place by the UK’s biggest food retailers, manufacturers and distributors but it’s often hidden away in the supply chain, with consumers given little opportunity to recognise or appreciate the efforts being made.

The BBC Future Food Award has been created to give national recognition to work taking place anywhere within the UK’s food system and supply chain. Any business or organisation can send in a nomination outlining an initiative or project.

Nominations are open for two weeks (10 – 24 January) via