Market share of private label cheese continues to rise

Published 20 February 18

Overall, the total cheese retail market saw an increase in value sales compared to last year. One of the main reasons was an increase in the average price, however, volume growth of 1% was also recorded. For more cheese market information see here.

While volume sales of cheese remained relatively stable, there was some transition in sales from branded to private label cheese. It is no secret that store brands have been growing and capturing more and more market share at the expense of branded cheese products. In the latest period a continuation of this trend was recorded. According to Kantar Worldpanel, in the year to 28 January 2018, a third of cheese volume sales were branded and two-thirds private label products, a fall and rise of 1% market share, respectively.

 Market share of total cheese volume sales

This shift was likely the result of consumers responding to the widening price gap. Over the year in question, the private label price point was, on average, 21% lower than for branded products and the gap between products stood at £1.58/kg, up 11p on the year.