Dairy inseminations continue to fall

Published 19 February 18

According to data from Genus, the proportion of artificial inseminations using dairy semen has been declining for a number of years. On the whole, this is offset by an increase in the use of sexed (sorted) semen, which helps to deliver a relatively stable flow of female calves for replacements. However, back in 2015/16 the use of sorted semen also reduced, mainly due to the poor financial situation at the time. As a result, we saw a drop in female calves entering the GB herd in 2016/17, and this is expected to impact on milk production over the coming year.

AI Dairy herd inseminations Feb18 

Since 2016, in general the proportion of sorted inseminations has been rising, and this is helping to offset the continual drop in dairy inseminations.  However, recently, dairy inseminations have fallen more rapidly than normal. Over the next few months we will be able to determine if that is a short-term issue or a longer term trend that could impact volumes in late 2020.