Which EU nations rely on the UK’s dairy custom?

Published 21 February 17

Previously we revealed that the UK is an important customer for dairy products from the EU as a whole, importing around £2.5bn worth of dairy produce in 2015. In this article we look at which individual Member States the UK is most valuable to. The table below represents more than 95% of all the UK’s dairy imports in value terms.

MS exports 21Feb17 

Some of these nations, such as Ireland and Cyprus, rely on the UK to absorb a significant proportion of their total dairy exports, although there is a marked difference in their overall value. Such Member States are likely to be keen on a mutually beneficial trade agreement to be reached when the UK leaves the EU. However, for the countries contributing the most to the EU’s budget, the UK actually represents a relatively small proportion of their dairy trade. This includes the bigger exporting countries in the EU, such as Germany, France and the Netherlands.

With this in mind, it is still uncertain whether tariff-free trade with the EU will be agreed following Brexit. In a future article, AHDB Dairy will look at the potential impact of tariffs, if they were to be imposed on UK-EU trade.


*Key to colour coding:

Red: Member States where exports to the UK exceed 10% of their total dairy exports

Amber: Member States where exports to the UK equate to 5-10% of their total dairy exports

Green: Member States where exports to the UK are 5% or less of their total dairy exports