EU milk delivery drop surpasses voluntary reductions – for some

Published 21 February 17

Under the EU’s Milk Production Reduction Scheme, farmers applied to reduce production by a total of 1,029m litres during the period covering October-December 2016. If fully realised, this would have generated a 2.9% reduction in milk deliveries across the EU-28 compared to the same period in the previous year.

In total, EU-28 milk deliveries for the three months were down 3.4% on the previous year, exceeding the applied for volumes.

The actual change in milk deliveries over the period varied across Member States, with some reducing production by more than the applied for volumes, and others increasing total production. The UK applied for the third largest reduction volume at 109m litres, with actual production dropping by more than double this amount.

Although certain Member States delivered more milk in total than the applied for reduction, payouts may not be affected depending on individual results. Information on payouts under the scheme will be released sometime in March.

EU milk reduction update