A key tool in helping farmers plan investments and save substantial costs

Published 28 February 17

To understand the costs and benefits of various housing, parlour and slurry storage options, before making substantial investments, dairy farmers now have access to AHDB Dairy Wizard. This is a set of simple, easy to use, downloadable calculators that can now be accessed directly from the AHDB Dairy website.

Housing Wizard - an interactive model which allows you to look at the capital and operational cost implications for a range of housing options based on your own farm situation using typical housing cost data.

Parlour Wizard - for farmers considering replacing or upgrading milking equipment and facilities the Parlour Wizard allows different parlour types and functionality to be compared by cost and efficiency, based on individual farm circumstances including cow numbers, labour availability, level of automation and milking routines.

Slurry Wizard – designed to help dairy farmers upgrading or replacing slurry storage. The Wizard enables you to understand whether there is adequate slurry storage, explore different strategies and weigh up the cost benefits of different ways to tackle under-capacity. Slurry Wizard also calculates whether your farm is compliant with NVZ regulations around storage capacity and nitrogen loading.

David Ball, Technical Manager for AHDB Dairy commented, “These tried and tested simple, user friendly calculators help farmers make key investment decisions such as replacing milking equipment or managing slurry storage, by helping to understand the physical and financial implications to their farm business.”

You can access AHDB Dairy Wizard here.

For further information contact David Ball our Technical Manager for Buildings & Infrastructure -

Mobile: 07773 234524 Email: david.ball@ahdb.org.uk