Global milk production reduced slightly in November

Published 2 February 16

Overall milk production in the 5 key exporting regions (EU28, US, NZ, Australia and Argentina) reduced slightly in November 2015, with all 5 regions recording declines.

In November, the annual milk production equivalent* for the key 5 was down 0.4% versus October, although up slightly (0.3%) versus September. November was the first month in more than 2 years that the production equivalent* fell month-on-month in all 5 regions, including the EU. However, the drop recorded for the EU was largely caused by exceptionally high production in October rather than particularly weak production in November.

December production figures are available for NZ and US, with NZ showing a small increase compared to November*, but offset by a reduction from the US. December production figures for the other 3 regions are not yet available.

Global milk production 02 Feb 16

Source: AHDB estimates

* AHDB applies a seasonal adjustment to milk production for the big 5 exporting regions to create an annual equivalent. This allows figures to be compared month-on-month, allowing trends to be spotted earlier than the more traditional rolling 12-month totals.