UK and Ireland MCVEs hit by falling cheddar prices

Published 14 December 18

The UK and Ireland MCVE values have fallen further behind the other EU milk countries in October and November. This is mainly due to the drop in cheddar prices seen over the last two months, at a time when gouda and emmental prices increased marginally.

The drop in cheddar prices from September to November has reduced the UK and Ireland prices by 2.0ppl and 1.7ppl respectively. France saw a 0.8ppl increase from rising emmental prices over the same period, whereas gouda prices delivered a small increase for Denmark, Netherlands and Germany.

 EU MCVE Dec18

The indicators for all six countries suffered downward pressure from falling whey and butter prices. The non-UK countries also suffered from exchange rate changes that took them all down by around 0.5 once converted into pence per litre.

The latest EU MCVE prices for the six main milk producing countries of the EU are now available on the AHDB website here.