Ireland to exceed 2020 milk production target in 2018

Published 12 December 18

In 2010, Ireland set the target of increasing their milk production by 50% by 2020 – from approx. 4.9bn litres to 7.4bn litres. Teagasc’s latest outlook puts milk production at 7.5bn litres for 2018, 3% up on 2017 and in excess of the target. Furthermore, Tesgasc are forecasting 2019 production to be up a further 6% on 2018.

Irish production

This impressive growth from Ireland will be mainly targeted towards export markets. Ireland is a key source of dairy imports for the UK, but could also be a key competitor if the UK is looking to grow its exports.

With such rapid growth, there now appears to be growing concerns that environmental targets could be implemented to deal with issues surrounding nitrates or the production of greenhouse gases.