China cuts dairy import tariffs

Published 4 December 17

The Chinese government has reduced import tariff rates across a range of consumer goods, including cheese, improving access to their markets. From 1 December 2017, import tariffs on a variety of cheeses will be charged at provisional rate of 8%, compared to the previous rate of 12-15%. 

2017.12.07 china tariffs

While China is not one of the UK’s key export destinations for cheese, accounting for less than 1% of UK cheese exports in 2016, the lower rates may allow more UK exporters access to the market. Between January and September this year the UK exported 500 tonnes of the affected cheese products to China, of which 83% was grated/powdered cheese and 9% was block Cheddar.

Tariffs on some infant milk formula products will be eliminated at the same time, previously at 20%. However, this only applies to specialist IMFs that the UK does not currently export.