Just 40 tonnes of SMP sold in first tender

Published 19 December 16

The first sales of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) from intervention resulted in just 40 tonnes of SMP being sold, of the 22k tonnes on offer. Twenty tonnes were sold in Germany and 20 tonnes in the UK. The European Commission only selected bids that met a minimum selling price of €2,151 per tonne. This was set at a level above average market prices, which for November were €2,000 per tonne.

There remain over 350k tonnes of SMP in public storage. The European Commission has opened the second tender, reoffering the SMP that was unsold from the first tender (approximately 22k tonnes). According to the regulations, tenders will take place on the first and third Tuesday in the month. The deadline for the second tender is 3 January 2017.