Webinar - Post mortems

Published 7 December 15

On Wednesday 9 December AHDB Dairy and AHDB Beef & Lamb are hosting a webinar with Ben Strugnell of Farm Post Mortem Ltd

During the webinar, which starts at 19:00, Ben will focus on findings of an AHDB Beef & Lamb funded project which looked to determine whether a post mortem (PM) carried out at a fallen frock collection centre (FSCC) can provide useful and timely animal health information for producers, vets and government.

The project centred around producers being asked if they wished for a PM to be carried out on their animal when requesting a pick-up from the FSCC, in this case John Warren ABP in County Durham. Ben gathered history of the animal from the producer before performing the PM. The results were sent back to the farmer and their vet.

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