Chad edges ahead for British Friesians

Published 1 December 15

One of the two British Friesian bulls which previously shared first place in the breed £PLI ranking has edged ahead, thanks to slight gains in daughter fertility. The higher production bull, Catlane Chad (by Centurion) sees a rise in PLI to £389 while his stable mate, the higher milk quality Catlane Caleb (by Corsair) moves into second position. Caleb’s PLI is £383.

Retaining third place is Deangate Quaich (PLI £334) while making a reappearance in the top five is the high reliability sire, Lakemead Randolf. Now with over 400 daughters in his production proof, this Rocket son transmits a balanced index offering both production and fitness and earns a PLI of £317.

The fifth ranking Skyhigh Patrol (PLI £301) is the highest type transmitter of the leading PLI sires with a Type Merit of +1.24.


The top of the Jersey ranking remains unchanged with VJ Link continuing to lead with a PLI of £472. This Legacy son transmits high daughter fertility (+11.7) and a positive Feet and Legs composite (+1.3). He is followed by VJ Hilario (PLI £443) who transmits a high weight of protein (PTA ptn +15.5kg) combined with good fitness. Components specialist VJ Lure ranks third (PLI £391) with a high fat PTA (+24.2kg) while health specialist, DJ Holmer is fourth, adding UK daughters and earning a PLI of £381. DJ Lix rounds off the top five offering a high fat percentage, a lower volume of milk and a PLI of £376.


The Ayrshire ranking shows little change since August with Swedish born Gunnarstorp leading the way. Now with 42 UK daughters contributing to his production figures, he continues to impress with high fertility (FI +10.5), strong longevity (LS +0.5) and high type (TM +2.1). His PLI is £516. In second and third place are the familiar VR Gobel (by Gunnarstorp) and Pell Pers. New to the top five is VR Tuomi, who displays a balanced transmitting pattern across production, fitness and type. The high reliability sire Jelyca Oblique enters the top five for the first time, already with over 400 UK daughters contributing to his index (PLI £346).

Other breeds

New £PLIs for several other breeds include Shorthorns, Brown Swiss, Monbeliarde, Fleckvieh and Guernsey, can be found on the genetics pages of the AHDB Dairy website.