Arla aims to add value in 5-year growth strategy

Published 9 December 15

In its new 5-year growth strategy – ‘Strategy 2020’ – Arla has set out how it will maximise the value of the milk supplied by its farmer owners. With an additional 2.4 billion litres of milk expected over the next 5 years, the focus will be on those markets and products which offer the most potential for generating profitable growth, while ensuring efficient production throughout its business.

Approximately half of its revenue growth is expected to come from within the EU through growth in the key categories and innovation to add value. The other half will come from outside the EU, where it will focus on the main regions of the Middle East, China, Russia, Nigeria and the US. In these markets, efforts will focus on growing market share.  The eight prioritised product categories include butter and spreads, milk and powder, spreadable and speciality cheese, mozzarella, value-added ingredients, milk-based drinks and yogurt.