Production ahead of forecast but still trending below last year

Published 31 August 18

GB milk production has fallen, following two consecutive weeks of growth. In the w/e 25 August, production was down 0.6% (0.2m litres) on the week and down 0.4% (0.1m litres) year-on-year.  This however puts production 1% (0.4m litres) ahead of the AHDB milk production forecast.

If production continues at this level until the end of August then it will come out at 1,011m litres putting it 1% (11m litres) ahead of the AHDB milk production forecast, and 8m litres below August last year.

GB daily milk deliveries with latest forecast

GB milk production for July was 1,024m litres, 1% (11m litres) behind last year levels. This brings the year-to-date (Apr-Jul) to 4,290m litres, 0.5% below (20m litres) the same period in 2017.

*The AHDB estimate for GB milk production is based on a weekly production survey covering approximately 75% of milk collections, Defra official statistic and AHDB levy collection data, and is AHDB’s best estimate of actual volumes in the month.