Pushing out the boundaries on the shelf life of liquid milk

Published 4 August 16

In recent months there has been a number of discoveries in extending the shelf life of liquid milk. Recently, researchers at Purdue University and University of Tennessee in the US found that by rapidly raising and lowering the temperature of milk by 10oC, it could remove 99% of the bacteria still remaining after pasteurisation. In other words, this is an addition to pasteurisation that can potentially extend milk’s shelf life to almost nine weeks without affecting the taste, colour or smell of the product.

Other recent innovations include a company based in Australia developing a technology that extends the shelf life of milk to 100 days, allowing it to be exported to Asia. While other researchers in the US found that exposing milk to LED lights had a negative impact on quality, with the researchers concluding that light exposure is a much greater factor in explaining deteriorating milk than age. Consequently, with such innovations, the potential to export milk and minimise wastage could increase, without quality suffering as a result.