NFU announce plan of action

Published 11 August 15

Yesterday (10 August) the NFU, NFU Cymru, NFU Scotland and Ulster Farmers’ Union, along with TFA, NFYFC, CLA and FFA, announced a plan of action following an urgent summit meeting.

The plan asks for action in the supply chain as well as the Government and the EU.


  • Urge farming ministers to meet urgently over   farmer contracts
  •   Place rules over clear labelling


  •   Increase intervention levels
  •   Underwrite short term credit of vulnerable   farmers


  •   Ask retailers what they’re doing to support farmers


  •   Stop devaluing British milk
  •   Ensure milk is paid at a fair price


  •   Keep public on-side
  •   Keep visible

The meeting took place a day before talks with Morrisons are scheduled.