AHDB Dairy working with media in these challenging times

Published 12 August 15

There is a large amount of media coverage on the dairy industry and the challenges dairy farmers are facing. AHDB Dairy is involved in informing and contributing to the many articles, interviews and broadcasts being made, but this work isn’t always visible and we wanted levy payers to be aware of how we are working to communicate relevant messages.

What we’ve been doing

Our press office has taken dozens of calls and emails from local and national print and broadcast media journalists looking to obtain comments on the current situation and statistics to explain the situation with milk prices.

To answer the questions quickly and accurately requires a highly collaborative approach between our industry colleagues, our communications teams and our market intelligence analysts.

Already this week we have contributed to items for SKY News, ITV Good Morning Great Britain, BBC News, BBC’s The One Show, ITV News, Channel 5,  BBC Online, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Express and many others. Many of the on-page and on-screen graphics and statistics are marked ‘source AHDB’  

We have also been providing a high volume of resources to farmers who are out talking to the public in their local villages, towns and cities. This includes our flyer which contains facts and figures linked to the industry situation, and can be downloaded here. A big thanks to all levy payers who have contacted us for information or to request quantities of the flyer.

Our consumer channels, including on twitter and facebook, continue to actively inform their audiences on how they can show support for the industry by taking the #DairyPromise via your website www.thisisdairyfarming.com, as well as encouraging them to share this message with their peers. You can see this in action by following @ThisIsDairy on Twitter, or www.facebook.com/thisisdairy.

What’s being communicated

  • Clear information and statistics to the media and public to enable them to understand the complex nature of the dairy markets and how this is impacting on the low prices that many dairy farmers are being paid 
  • Instructions on how the public can show its support for dairy farmers by taking the #DairyPromise, which promotes looking for a quality logo, such as the Red Tractor, on their dairy products.