Changing consumer perception of fat is good news for dairy

Published 4 April 18

Consumer perceptions of fat and health are changing and the dominance of low-fat claims are losing their traction, possible opening up some opportunities for the dairy industry.

The recent focus by health professionals on avoiding sugar and moving towards eating more whole foods such as meat, fish and dairy appears to be resonating with consumers. Within dairy, the shift away from low fat and processed products has supported higher demand for products such as butter and yoghurts. Kantar Worldpanel also highlighted that shoppers are switching from products containing unhealthier trans-fats like margarine and spreads to butter, and from skimmed milk to semi-skimmed, in a May 2017 report. Supporting this, in the year to 16 July 2017, sales of whole milk rose by around 4% while skim milk sales dropped by a similar amount.

 consumer perceptions on fat

This switch to whole and natural (or unprocessed) foods, alongside signs of a reduction in the fear of fat, can only be good newsfor producers of dairy, and may help to counter-balance some of the current trends towards dairy free diets.

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