EU milk production closing gap on last year

Published 27 April 17

Milk production across the EU-28 has been rising steadily for the past four months and is now approaching levels seen last year. According to the latest official data, daily production was 5.3m litres/day lower than last year in February. The gains were mostly due to increased output from Italy, Poland, France and the UK.

According to the Commission’s latest outlook, milk production for 2017 is expected to be 0.6% above 2016. It is expected that the gap on last year will be closed during the spring, and most of the growth will occur in the second half of the year.

While March’s production data is not yet available for all Member States (MS), estimates indicate the gap has narrowed further. There are reports of colder weather across much of the EU more recently, which may slow the upward pace of production. However, it is likely that the gap will be closed at some point in the next couple of months assuming farmgate prices do not drop significantly

EU Production Rising Graph