GDT to expand auction data but limit access

Published 27 April 16

Global Dairy Trade (GDT) is increasing the data it makes available about its online dairy auctions but some of the information will no longer be freely accessible. Users will need to buy a subscription in order to download summary and historical data about auctions, from 5 July onwards.

Core data about the latest trading event will still be available free of charge on the GDT website and AHDB Dairy will continue to publish a summary of results on our GDT webpage.

GDT’s increased data coverage will include total sold quantities for each product, without the three-month time lag that currently applies. For an increased fee, real-time round-by-round data will also be available.

A new “cream group” that combines butter and anhydrous milk fat is also being introduced in June. It aims to give a larger product pool to improve supply flexibility to better meet demand.

In addition, GDT is launching a new 24-hour trading platform, GDT Marketplace, where trade will be possible at any time with no minimum quantity constraints. Fonterra has been confirmed as the first seller and the new platform will be gradually rolled out as more buyers and sellers register their interest.

The changes have come from GDT’s plans to improve the auction’s transparency and liquidity, announced last year.