France seeks to make the food industry more transparent

Published 6 April 16

In its latest efforts to address the downturn in the French meat and dairy sector, the government unveiled plans to increase fines for food firms that do not publish financial results annually. French minister for agriculture, Stefane Le Foll, singled out dairy processor Lactalis and Bigard (France’s biggest beef processor) for not releasing results. According to the minister, this is hampering efforts to determine margins along the supply chain.

Under the proposals, companies would be liable to be fined 2% of their daily sales in France for each day after the deadline for publishing results. Lactalis has not published its results since at least 2011, although its corporate website shows sales in 2012 were €15.7bn. According to IUF (International Union for Food) in 2010, 39% of the company’s turnover was generated in France. This would imply that, in failure to comply, the company could potentially face fines somewhere in the region of €300k for each day it misses the deadline.