FM finds whey to generate value

Published 20 April 16

A new biogas plant has been built to generate value from waste at First Milk’s (FM) Lake District cheese site.

Wash waters and whey permeate* are fed into an anaerobic digester to produce bio-methane for use in the national gas grid and the cheese plant itself. This allows FM to reduce its waste disposal costs, as well as cutting its energy bill.

The plant has been built by British bio-energy firm Clearfleau and will be operated by Lake District Biogas Ltd.


* Whey permeate is the by-product from FM’s whey protein concentrate plant, which it runs in a joint venture with Fonterra. Following the cheese process, FM removes the protein remaining in the whey and concentrates it into high-quality whey protein powder. Whey permeate is the liquid by-product from this process.