February farmgate milk price update

Published 8 April 16

AHDB has estimated the February farmgate milk price for the UK, excluding the retrospective bonuses that were skewing the official Defra price. The same issue was seen in February 2015, although to a lesser extent. AHDB has adjusted the figures for February 2015 and 2016 to exclude an estimate of the retrospective bonuses paid in the month that did not relate to milk collections in the month.

AHDB estimates the underlying average UK farmgate price was 22.93ppl in February. This was 0.16ppl (0.7%) down on January and 2.14ppl (8.5%) lower than the same month last year.

The GB average price, excluding retrospective bonuses, is estimated at 23.75ppl in February, which was 0.17ppl (0.7%) down on January, and 1.76ppl (6.9%) lower than February 2015.

More details are available here.

Farmgate milk price Apr16