Dairy is key to ageing healthily, say experts

Published 12 April 16

Research shows that dairy plays a key role in ageing healthily, as revealed in a preliminary report published by The Dairy Council.

The UK population is ageing and age-related malnutrition has become a growing public health concern. The research shows that older people who consumed more dairy were less likely to develop conditions such as sarcopenia (the loss of muscle mass) and osteoporosis (the weakening of bones).

The report, Dairy & Healthy Ageing, which addresses the role of nutrition in supporting health throughout the life course, was launched by The Dairy Council this week as part of a wider compendium on dairy and health that will be published later this year.

The report will be part of a series of chapters on dairy and healthy ageing which will be published later this year. The compendium will also feature papers from experts on recent projects commissioned by The Dairy Council, and supported by AHDB Dairy, on saturated fat, dairy and cardiometabolic health and obesity.

The full article is available on website of The Dairy Council

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