Dairy farmers – ambassadors for our industry

Published 22 April 15

As part of DairyCo’s ongoing public facing #DiscoverDairy campaign, dairy farmers, with whom we have worked closely, will be engaging directly with the public, at key events. This regional activity, entitled ‘It’s in our hands’, gets underway at the first event - The Milk Race in Nottingham in May. 

Amanda Ball, DairyCo head of marketing and communications says “Building greater understanding of the responsible farming standards that are behind the assurance schemes are a core part of this campaign. Showing the public the passion and commitment and high standards that goes into every litre of milk produced, gives the public a reason to value our dairy products. The dairy farmers helping us, known as dairy ambassadors, in The Milk Race village and at the other events will help showcase exactly that.”  

Abi Reader, dairy farmer based in Cardiff says, “I like the idea that we can speak to consumers and influence the way they shop. I think it adds another dimension to what DairyCo do. I‘m very proud to be an ambassador for dairy farming and I have learnt a lot since I have engaged directly with DairyCo over the past two years and I feel empowered as a farmer to speak about my industry”