Leading nutritionists call for more research on saturated fatty acids

Published 27 March 15

London, 27th March 2015: Leading nutritionists and scientists today called for new wide-ranging research to establish the impact of saturated fats on health.

Speaking at the Saturated Fat,Dairy and Cardiovascular Disease: A Fresh Look at the Evidence, conference, Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition, The Dairy Council, said: “Saturated fat is an umbrella term and there is growing evidence that saturated fatty acids do not all behave in the same when it comes to cardiovascular disease and diabetes in particular.”

Dr Mullen added: “The nutrients in milk and dairy are integral to our diets for many reasons. Studies have indicated that they have a neutral or protective effect on cardiometabolic risk and the reasons are due to the nutritious nature of milk and dairy and the physical make-up of the foods.“