Discounters see significant growth in Cheddar sales

Published 12 March 15

Hard discounters have seen a strong increase in Cheddar volume sales, up 36%, while the top 4 mulitiples have seen a drop of around 5%, in the 52 weeks ending 1 February 2015. Price is likely to be a factor in that with the average prices per kilo falling about 4% for the hard discounters and increasing 3% for the top 3 over the same period.

According to reports, there could be two other reasons why the discounters are performing well, with one being the addition of new British Cheddar lines. The other is down to consumer habits. The report suggests consumers find buying cheese confusing, due to the number of offers/promotions. However, the discounters’ strategy is to offer more consistently low and clearer prices which aims to make shopping more straightforward for the consumer.

Cheddar volume 12.03.15