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Published 27 January 15

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Open Farm Sunday (OFS) organisers, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), urges farmers to start planning now, to help ensure this year’s campaign is the most successful one yet. 7 June 2015 will be the tenth anniversary for OFS and to help farmers plan their event LEAF is holding a series of free Information Events around the country, starting in January. 

The events provide an invaluable opportunity for farmers to exchange ideas and advice – whether they are opening for the first or the tenth time! LEAF’s OFS Co-ordinator in each area will be updating farmers on the latest health and safety regulations, as well as offering ideas on how to make their Open Farm Sunday event as enjoyable for visitors as possible. There will also be activity suggestions for all types of farms and for farmers planning for events of all sizes, from small private farm walks to those who are aiming to welcome hundreds of visitors. 

Annabel Shackleton, Open Farm Sunday manager is calling on all farmers to take part in Open Farm Sunday and to start planning their event now: “Whether you are an arable or dairy farm, have other livestock or grow fresh produce, Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity to tell your story and to celebrate all that is great about British farming.

We need the public to value the food they eat and appreciate the work and the passion that our farmers put into producing our food – the best way to do this is to show them around your farm on Open Farm Sunday. Our research tells us that the public really appreciate meeting farmers and seeing for themselves what happens on a farm. Farmers that take part report real business benefits with better community relations and local profile, top of the list. As we enter our 10th year, the LEAF team provides a wealth of experience and support to host farmers on all aspects of opening their farm – through Information Events, the website and our team of Regional Co-ordinators. So please do register today and make Open Farm Sunday part of your plans for 2015.” 

Farmers can now register to take part in Open Farm Sunday and Open Farm School Days at and they can also book their place on an Information Event on the website too. 

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