Archive: Sustainability is key to dairy industry growth

Published 19 February 15

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At this years’ dairy breakout session at the 2015 AHDB Outlook Conference Maarten Vrolijk, a Researcher in System Innovations at Wageningen UR Livestock Research in the Netherlands, stated that there are plenty of opportunities for dairy growth but the focus must be on sustainability.

His view was that the EU-28 is expected to produce around 10% more milk in 2023 compared to 2012. The key growth was seen to be Northern Europe, especially those countries who have been investing in processing capacity.

This increase in production should enable the EU to take the opportunities underlined in a FAO outlook report that suggests global demand for milk is set to increase by more than 50% by 2050. However, to achieve this, the UK and global dairy industry must expand in a sustainable way that keeps consumers on side, as consumer perception will be crucial to the industry development.

To view Maarten Vrolijk’s presentation please click here.