Archive: Revival in demand lifts AMPE & MCVE

Published 27 February 15

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Increases in wholesale prices for dairy commodities in February have led to strong increases in both AMPE and MCVE. UK wholesale prices increased across the board in February, increasing the value of both indicators. AMPE stands at 23.6ppl for February, up 21% on January while MCVE has risen by just under 13% to 25.9ppl.

The rise in the market indicators has resulted from a combination of rising prices on the GDT, the weakening of the Euro and declining milk deliveries, particularly in those countries threatened with superlevy fines. Together, these events have prompted a mini-surge in demand on commodity markets as buyers looked to secure supplies as prices were firming. Buyers are now reported to be waiting to assess the strength of the upturn in milk deliveries before agreeing longer term deals, which means it is unclear how markets will move in the next few months.