Archive: Promoting dairy farming to the public & media

Published 19 February 15

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On Wednesday 18 February DairyCo hosted a webinar for levy payers and industry stakeholders which presented the consumer related activity the organisation is involved in, as well as providing a Q & A session for attendees to ask their questions.

The webinar was attended by more than 45 farmers, as well as a number of other members of the industry, taking the total taking part to more than 60.

The format of the webinar consisted of a presentation, by DairyCo's Head of Marketing & Communications Amanda Ball, with Amanda being joined by members of the Dairyco team, plus 'Discover Dairy' ambassador Jim Franklin, for the Q & A session.


DairyCo will also be making a video of the Q & A session available as soon as it has been processed.

The webinar has generated several responses from participants offering support to have a  greater involvement in our 'Discover Dairy' work, as well as comments from attendees on their improved understanding of the behind the scenes work DairyCo does with the media.

If you have been inspired to get involved further with our consumer activity, or have additional questions please feel free to contact us on 02476 478 695, by email, or tweet us @AHDB_DairyCo using #PromoteDairy.