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Published 9 February 15

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The 25th annual SEMEX dairy event took place from 11 - 13 January 2015 in Glasgow and the presentations can now be view on the Semex YouTube channel 

You can also listen to Gwyn Jones, DairyCo’s board chair, speak about the work DairyCo does. The video has been posted below.  

Gwyn Jones2“How do we grow British dairying? It is a difficult question today but, it must be a long-term goal I would suggest. And, as I said, we need to compete to win markets and to do that we need independent and evidenced based information. We need to be technically proficient and we need to promote what we do. That is why our R&D and knowledge transfer, our raft of programmes at DairyCo - programmes sometimes criticised actually as teaching farmers how to farm – that is why they are so important. It was stated at the Oxford Farming Conference that we needed to recognise that we are not necessarily the best, many of our farmers are of course but we cannot be complacent and we are in danger of falling behind. The industry as a whole does need to do better we do need to sharpen our competitiveness that is the challenge. We need to accept that improved welfare is on-going and we are challenged on veterinary medicines as well. But if anybody doubts that we need to raise our game than we could start discussing endemic diseases, calf rearing, lameness, feed conversion to mention just four areas where there is a huge variance within the industry. But what is clear to me is that where dairy farmers engage with DairyCo they do gain a great deal. So engagement is the key. Our engagement with levy payers is fairly good but it needs to be better and we mean to do just that.”

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