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Published 23 February 15

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Four out of five consumers would be willing to pay more for milk if dairy farmers were to receive all the additional money, according to the AHDB/DairyCo Tracker, conducted by YouGov. Between 74 and 76 % of consumers surveyed have been saying that they would be willing to pay more for milk in the quarterly survey since October 2013. The increase to 80% in this latest wave (conducted 23-25 January 2015) has coincided with the recent heightened media attention around dairy farming.

Retail milk prices have fallen by 13% between February 14 and Feb 15, at least in part, because the competition between retailers for market share has intensified. The Tracker shows that almost one in five consumers say they would pay over 20 pence more for a four pint bottle.

Dairy Tracker Jan 15

Price cuts to a number of key household grocery items have been key to the retailers’ everyday low pricing strategies as they look to gain or maintain market share. Price cuts do appear to encourage some shoppers to change where they buy. What consumers say they will do (in this case pay more for milk) might not necessarily translate into actions, as they continue to keep an eye on household costs, but clearly many consumers are sympathetic to dairy farmers.

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