Archive: DairyCo in the Eastern Daily Press

Published 10 February 15

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The Eastern Daily Press reported on 31 January 2015 about the situation in the dairy industry. In the article “How can consumers help ease the dairy crisis?” Chris Hill, agricultural, food and farming editor, wonders if “consumer power and the humble block of British cheese are the route to salvation for the industry?” 

DairyCo’s head of marketing and communications, Amanda Ball explains in the article that “the milk price war – although viewed by farmers as an unwelcome devaluing force on the product’s reputation – has become something of a smokescreen for a bigger issue. That, she said, is a dairy trade deficit of £1.36bn, which is largely driven by the amount of cheese we import.” 

On the DairyCo website you can read how journalists find out more about the positive work that dairy farmers do and just how diverse and essential the industry is. By making sure journalists have the facts about dairy farming and the most up to date information and statistics is one way to ensure accurate and informative coverage.