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Published 28 November 14

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Watch the DairyCo film to check your techniques for safe and effective vaccination.

British dairy farmers will continue to stay on top of the changing world of cattle health, thanks to a new DairyCo film on safe and effective vaccination techniques. Vaccines are valuable tools for the prevention of disease, which act by stimulating the immune system to provide protection.

Excellent cattle health is vital for maximum production, since cattle must be healthy to reach their performance potential. Vaccination is most effective when it is designed to meet the particular needs of the farm. Each dairy business is unique, so every owner should work with his/her veterinarian to create a bespoke vaccination programme. A successful programme should include what disease to vaccinate against, which animals will benefit from vaccination and when the cattle will benefit most from the protection that the vaccine provides.

David Black, vet and MD Paragon Veterinary Group says, “Vaccines, if correctly given, are an essential part of any herd health plan and should be tailored, with veterinary input, to the risks on an individual unit. It is imperative that the correct product is selected and the vaccine programme followed with the right dosage, routes and techniques to maximise the benefits.”

Safe and effective vaccination is a practical demonstration of the five essential components required to vaccinate cattle. These are:

  1. Storage and use of the vaccine at the correct temperature
  2. Using the vaccine at the correct time, interval, dose and route
  3. Importance of good hygiene when using the vaccine and equipment
  4. Ensuring adequate safety for people and the animals involved
  5. Ensuring accurate recording of vaccinations.

Dr Jenny Gibbons, DairyCo research and development manager, says “DairyCo, along with its research partners at the University of Nottingham and the Royal Veterinary College, have produced a film for dairy farmers and farm staff to demonstrate the correct technique used to vaccinate cattle safely and effectively. This film will help farmers keep up to date on industry best practices and changes in livestock standards”.

“British dairy farmers are committed to providing excellent care for their cattle and are constantly adapting, innovating and investing to ensure they are improving their practices. Dairy farmers make decisions every day that can affect the health and welfare of their cattle. This film provides best practice guidance and tips on how to enhance the management of cattle health through implementing a safe and effective vaccination programme.”

“The film was created with contributions from vets, dairy farmers, animal scientists and industry stakeholders and is an ideal aid memoir for farmers and a learning tool for new entrants into dairying.” It is available at the DairyCo website.  

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