Archive: Recruitment for RMS study

Published 18 December 14

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In October 2014, DairyCo secured funding via the Welsh Government for further research to provide greater technical understanding to help inform the legal position with regards to the safe use of recycled manure solids (RMS) as bedding. In particular, to investigate the management husbandry options to safely mitigate any potential risks to animal and human health. The research contract was awarded to QMMS Ltd, The Dairy Group, University of Nottingham and Paragon Vets. 

The researchers are looking for farmers who bed their cows on sand, sawdust or RMS to participate in this trial. If you would like to participate, a member of “The Dairy Group”, will conduct a questionnaire covering bedding management and collect samples of bedding and bulk tank milk, and herd health records for analysis. In addition you are asked to collect milk samples from cases of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis for routine bacteriology. The results of all analyses specific to your farm will be fed back directly to you (at no cost), which you can use for management purposes. 

To register your interest, or for further information, please contact Katharine Leach on 01749 871 171 or email 

More information on RMS can be found at and more information on the project can be found within the DairyCo research and development pages.