Archive: EU production remains strong as risk of superlevy looms

Published 1 December 14

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The latest figures for EU-28 milk deliveries show that production remained strong in September, up 4.6% compared to September 2013. As quota levels remain static this year, the increase in production could place a number of nations at risk of superlevy. Countries incurring superlevy in 2015 may feel the effects more significantly than in the previous year, given the current downward pressure on milk price. Therefore, there is potential that EU production could slow down in the last part of the 2014/15 milk year. The UK is not one of those countries expected to reach quota. Currently anecdotal commentary suggests that, on the whole, UK cows are now not performing as well as the previous year, which could see production falling below 2013/14 levels going into the winter months.

EU milk production 01.12.14