Archive: EU countries still seeing growth in SMP exports to China

Published 2 December 14

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In October, some European countries experienced significant year-on-year growth in exports of SMP to China, despite subdued demand from the country when compared to previous months. China’s total SMP imports remained below year-earlier levels in October for the third month in a row. However, this is compared to very high quantities in 2013 and current volumes remain above those of previous years.

China SMP imports Dec 14

Within this there is a mixed picture; New Zealand, Australia and the US experienced year-on-year declines in October 2014 while many EU countries saw growth. Ireland appears to have been one of the countries to have benefitted. In October 2014, the country exported 2,507 tonnes of SMP to China – up from 208 tonnes in October 2013. The UK is not without growth, making the leap from nothing reported to 384 tonnes, with an average value $450/tonne higher than that of Ireland’s SMP shipments.