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Published 1 December 14

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A consultation is being held to seek the views of dairy levy payers and industry organisations on the DairyCo business plan.

This Business Plan sets out the DairyCo strategy and key activities to improve productivity and competitiveness for dairy farming businesses in Great Britain (GB). The Plan is funded primarily from the AHDB Dairy levy which is ring-fenced to be used for the benefit of dairy levy payers. The strategy in this plan has been shaped through the decisions of the DairyCo board over the seven years of its existence and takes into account technical and political developments as well as feedback from individual levy payers and industry organisations that represent dairy farmers in Great Britain. This plan covers the period April 2015 to March 2016 in detail with an outline for April 2016 to March 2017.

The DairyCo strategic aims are to enhance the profitability of British dairy farmers through improvements in business management, economic, and environmental sustainability and animal health and welfare, as well as to maintain and improve consumers’ perception of dairy farming.

DairyCo aims to work effectively with public and commercial industry partners (farmers, processors, consultants, retailers, other divisions of AHDB, governments in England, Wales and Scotland and their agencies) to ensure levy funds are only used in areas which can generate a clear benefit for dairy farmers and are not being serviced by others. For much of our work we aim to solve dairy farming problems by commissioning scientific and business management research which then feeds into our knowledge transfer services to levy payers.

The deadline for any comments on the draft Plan is 17:00 on Tuesday 13 January 2015. Responses should be sent to

You can download the DairyCo divisional business plan from the website.

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